Traditional Tipis

Traditional Tipis

Our Tipis are beautiful structures manufactured in a traditional way in America. They are a spacious 18ft in diameter with a lining and rain catcher to ensure you stay dry inside, whatever the weather. Tipis were designed as structures for nomadic people, easy to take up and down when required, built with a conical design over round poles with a separate skin – traditionally buffalo hide but, in modern times, canvas. They make for an atmospheric and cosy home.

Tipi’s come fully furnished with a double and single bed, bedding and towels creating a cosy home away from home for you to enjoy your back to nature adventure in style.

Triple £110/night
Authentic and atmospheric traditional camping experience. Comfortable beds, bedding and towels provided. Fire pit with kindling, wood, charcoal and marshmallows for your first night.

*All units must be booked for 2 nights or more.

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